New product for 2016: Connector for medical applications

With immediate effect, the binder product range now includes even more round connectors. The grey/white connector in the renowned 620, 720 and 770 ranges are ideal for use in the medical, home care and industrial areas. Applications include use in devices which need a light-coloured connector. The colour means they integrate very well in light housings, making it quicker and easier to detect contamination. The robust polyamide 66, used to make the connectors, known for its high level of accuracy in terms of size, and its stiffness, as well as high resistance to acetate or alcohol-based disinfectants.

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New product for 2016: M5 shielded, overmoulded cable connectors

In the area of automation technology in sensor and actuator technology Binder is now offering you new cable connectors. It is in this area of application in particular that especially thick connectors are required, for which the new M5 connectors of the Binder 707 series are ideally suited: with their 360-degree shield they achieve the protection class IP67. Due to their damping values of 60 dB in the area of 1 GHz they allow an uninterrupted data transfer.

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More than just standard!

New brochure –
M5 Connector Program

The advantages of this series are obvious: Size, weight and price.

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verbinder no. 41 – totally new!

New design, new format, new paper.
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Electronics Design Show

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